A good EA user.


You will find here all the elements that will allow you to avoid bad surprises on the mql5 market.

It’s all about choosing your EA well and being able to trust it. But trust is not easy.

To help rate the trust of the EA I invite you to use the Excel that I made that you will find on this page: Tool Scored

Very well you have a score for the EA test, now you have to tell yourself one thing when it is beautiful, it is too good to be true, you have to be careful!

Now the best thing is to be patient too. The author has a signal, observe it for several weeks minimum 20 weeks! From the moment you see the signal, you make a screen print and you put it in Favorites, you put yourself, a note to go and see the signal in 20 weeks. Later, when we see the progress of the signal, we will see if it has held or not if the EA is safe or not.

There is no signal. Download the demo and don’t touch it anymore! The demo does not update itself, you do as previously said. Wait another 20 weeks, then do a test on these 20 weeks.

The author will increase the price, I do not want to pay later very expensive! I understand, but are you saying that the author is pushing the buyers? Ask yourself why you want to charge more? You’ll get details on marketing pricing on this page: Analysis Criterion

They do marketing pricing in general, because the authors don’t know how long it will be before they can’t sell it anymore, because it will have been labeled a rip-off by the community.

Is the EA still around after 20 weeks since you discovered it? Does the author make updates for “bugs”? Be careful, because some do not hesitate to curve fitting for updates.

You have been patient and you are still satisfied with this EA ?

Bravo you held on, you can say that there is little chance for the continuation that it goes wrong for you, because it seems that you have studied the EA and observed well. If everything fits you, you can buy it with much more confidence.

The golden rules in trading.

To succeed, it is not enough to do what is written above. You have to be aware of some golden rules in trading, breaking them brings you risks!

  1. Never invest! Money you can’t lose!
  2. It is important to diversify your trading account, as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket (imagine the baskets are your EA and the eggs are your money). If you put all your eggs in one basket and it falls, you will have no eggs left. On the other hand, scatter your eggs in several baskets, if a basket falls, you will still have eggs.
  3. Always have a SL measure, maximum 5%! Risking 5% on a trade is a lot.
  4. Use a small amount of leverage, the more leverage you have the faster you risk losing.
  5. Have a correct Capital to avoid big DD, a $100 account will more easily have a big DD, because even lots of 0.01 are important for the trading account.


Good trading!