Analysis of Razor.

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For this analysis I will take the 2 tutorials, I made for this purpose. There will also be additional criteria that I did not put on the tutorials, because they are not important.

Analysis Criterion and Strategy test analysis.

It should be understood that here the robot uses the top of grid and martingale at the same time. Since the success of NorthEastWay many copy it. We must not forget what happened on September 26, 2022. NorthEastWay burned a trading account in a few minutes with a capital of 80k and hundreds of users following it and lost 11M!

The Razor product copies NorthEastWay because it uses the same currencies. Once again I prefer to highlight the dangerous side of using a grid or a martingale and we use both at the same time!

I notice once again the effectiveness of using marketing to get people to quickly buy a product that won’t last. People buy quickly to tell themselves that they are buying cheaper. It is a human psychology.

For the MT5 version, we can already see 16 buyers! and the author promises to raise prices.

Let’s move on to the simulation.

Test results

For the first test, we will do the complete history. I left the default settings and put these settings to start with.

We all lost our account in 2011. We can clearly see the harmful effect of the grid and martingale, we say to ourselves that the robot manages to turn the situation to its advantage and that we are protected! But it is not so, it is an illusion that the robot is stable…

We will try to see with other periods, just after the crash.

We have these settings.

It didn’t take a long time for a crash.

We try from another period.

2014 is from then that the robot is stable. Can be that the optimisation is precisely on this period.


We can well see that the grid is the martingale is present. From the moment it is possible to lose everything, there is no money management.

Once again the author uses a marketing phrase to sell quickly in mass.

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