Analyzing the Master AI

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There is a marketing approach to this trading system. The current price is $300 and the author announces that the price will be $400 and that there are 2 copies left at $300. I don’t like this marketing approach that aims to sell quickly, I’m sure there will be more than 2 sales before the price goes up.

The author speaks that each trade is protected by an SL, but I wanted to see these protections, there is indeed an SL and a TP on each position, but the size of the SL and TP are so important than ever the TP is not reached, because the system cuts the front position and the SL is reached to it several times, but the ratio between gain and loss is enormous.

The trading system is made for 2 currencies AUDCAD and NZDCAD, the author has provided a parameter in the inputs tab, I just wonder what happens if our currencies have extensions like with some brokers, AUDCAD.p and NZDCAD.p because there is no parameter to take into account currency names that are not exactly the same.

It seems that there is a currency management, but this is not the case, the author calls it to make evolutionary batches, but we do not know how these batches will evolve there is no control over it .

The author proposes a signal. Master AI signal




In the full 2 ​​period essays, it looks very much like over optimisation.

I don’t think it’s useful to continue, because the win/loss ratio is well below 1, which means that the robot is at high risk of chaining losses.

There is also no money management.

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