Siger Orderblock

Siger Orderblock Table of Contents Introduction. For this analysis I will take the 2 tutorials, I made for this purpose. There will also be additional criteria that I did not put on the tutorials, because they are not important. Analysis Criterion and Strategy test analysis. I would like to emphasise that it is your responsibility […]

Golden Pickaxe

Golden Pickaxe Table of Contents Introduction. The EA is published on November 23, 2022 by Valeriia Mishchenko. This analysis is made according to the Version 1.39 updated on January 10, 2023. “Golden Pickaxe” also exists in the Mt4 version, but we will focus on the Mt5 version. The author himself explains that he uses a […]

Hi there,

Welcome to the EA Zone website! which is finally over! articles and analyses will begin to appear on the site, a future survey system will be present to know the robots that will be analysed!