EA Zone 10 Week signal

My first article will be on the analysis of the signal that I put for my robots. This is a 10-week-old signal with 7 robots all on Forex.

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As I mentioned in my FAQ, it is better to wait 1 year of testing before being able to conclude on real statistics. However, I would like to make a first point. You will notice that I did not hide the signal and my products and put it directly online, and not only when I see that it is making a profit.

Principal stats for Signal EA Zone 10 Week

For information, it is a technique used by many sellers, first, the seller creates a robot, then makes several accounts with this robot (5 to 10 accounts) with different parameters from this same robot. Then they will wait several weeks patiently and retain the account that works best. When publishing their robot on the market, they will display the best account with x profitable weeks in the comments. However the other accounts are doing less well, but they remain hidden. People buy the robot in droves, the author is happy, because in general he increases the price for every 10 buyers. As I say in the FAQ I do not understand this principle, if the robot is really advantageous in the long term it is precisely the worst strategy to adopt. On the other hand, if the robot is not sustainable in the long term, it is the best marketing tactic to sell in bulk before disappearing for 1 or 2 years and then start the operation again. For information, we are talking about a sale of €100,000 at €200,000, the author can withdraw for some time before starting the scam again.

I prefer to rent my robots 1 year cheap, so buyers after a year must have made their first purchase profitable and have enough to rent the following year. Attention I do not claim that he is a winner every year, claiming that we win all the time without using dangerous strategies is just wrong.

What are these dangerous strategies? I will make a page with all this information soon, but everyone knows that the grid and martingale (see both at the same time) will just quickly explode the account and even if it lasts in time, one day it will explode. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it, it’s just that these methods are not suitable for the long term. Using a Martingale and Grid strategy for 1 month and then closing the account to take profits from it is a good method, then re-opening an account with the same starting money as the previous account, so the previous profits are in your pocket! and if the next account explodes, it does not matter you have collected several profits.

But “EA Zone” is for the long term! The goal is to see it as a bank account in which you put money, the money in this account gradually increases. He is not there to make a salary every month, unless you have an account with a lot of money and withdrawing 1% each month is equivalent to a salary (about €300,000 for the trading account), in this case it’s possible. But if you have put the minimum that I recommend you will not be able to withdraw a salary for the reminder, I recommend a minimum of 1,000€ per robot! because below the DD is too high, you will see the illustration in this article, because I started my account with €1,000 for 7 robots, the fall is far too high, yet the risk per triad is 0.3%. So why ? Because the minimum lot of the account is 0.01 and my SL cannot adjust the lot size to risk 0.3% which makes the risk extinguished much higher than 0.3%. As a reminder, I want a risk of 2%, but since I have 7 robots I did 2/7 = 0.3% I could have put 0.285%, but I preferred to round up. We can notice on the graph that as soon as I put the recommend money, the account stabilised.

Otherwise my signal is in line with expectations, indeed I created a robot temporarily which brings together the 7 robots in 1, not recommended for purchase, because I put it much more expensive than if you bought all the robots one by one . I did this because it is not possible to test the 7 robots at the same time and I wanted you too to be able to test all the robots. However I do not keep it properly updated, it requires a lot of time to do it. I would look for a more efficient way to keep it up to date quickly. You will find this robot here so you can download the demo and do the test yourself. I also made a video that shows the market behaviour of all the robots put together.

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What I retain from my tests is that the robot has an average of 25% Win, and yes only 25%, but a profit / loss ratio greater than 3 in 19 years of testing, which means that my signal follows the logic of 25%, but does not yet have a good ratio and this is normal, because the positions which have a large profit, I let them grow, we can currently see the open positions. This explains why very often my equity is higher than my balance, the losing trade quickly close while the winning trade are left to grow. This is precisely a problem that I see in the majority of online robots, the closing of the winning trade is too high, which means that the winning trade does not pay much while the losing trade is colossal! sometimes filling 5 losing trade requires 20 or even more winning trade than that. With my robots it’s the opposite … 10, losing trade can be covered in 2 winning trade, or even one …

Stats 10 Week signals EA Zone

The conclusion is that it is early for the profit and loss ratio to be good. However we can already see that positions are growing well and that this one when they close will increase this ratio. We see that the equity has been above the scale for a few weeks, as soon as it caught the trend. This equity is slowly rising. At the moment there are not many winning positions that grow, but it will come up.

Equity EA Zone 10 week
Position EA Zone 10 week

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