26 Weeks.

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It’s been 26 weeks since I launched the “EA Zone All” signal, it’s on a demo account at ICMarket with the leverage of 1/30, I don’t find it necessary to have a higher leverage with my EA’s.

You can return to the previous 10 weeks analysis: 10 Weeks

This signal is on mql5, but also on Myfxbook.

The purpose of this live tracking is to observe the EA’s working on their respective currencies.

The objective is to help potential buyers to make one or more choices of EA that will automate a trading account.

The signal is made with the minimum recommended capital contribution! Future buyers can therefore invest much more than the minimum.

So we’ll start with what you can’t miss, the welcome.


It’s scary, because we see the -21% in reality we also see a big drop at the beginning which is related to the fact that I had not respected the minimum capital amount to put. I had put 7 EA and only 1 000$ resulting in a big DD and inappropriate positions for a small capital managed by 7 EA … That’s why it’s important that you follow the minimum recommendations. After a contribution of $6,000, the curve became much more stable. I’m not going to make another signal hide this fault, but I prefer to use it as a warning.

We can also see that the equity is above the initial contribution, if I were to stop immediately I would have a profit of $672. But currently my profit is -$217, because there is currently $889 of profit lives.


Here is the Growth curve as I explained above, we can see very well the stabilisation after the $6000 contribution.


The Balance, we can see that each time a new EA is put on my signal I make a contribution of $ 1 000 to respect the initial contribution.


Equity, we can see that the equity is always above the balance curve. Because I cut the losing positions quickly and I let the winning positions make a profit. This means that we always end up with this Floating in the positive.

We can also notice that there are no “spikes” that could have put the trading account in danger.


For the stats we can see average profit and average loss which shows a risk reward of 1.89. The profit factor is soon to be higher than 1 as soon as we validate $217 which is already present in the floating which is $889.


The distribution allows us to see the activity of the EA’s, but the EA’s did not all come at the same time so it is good to use the Distribution to see the profit made by EA (we can say that the EA’s that have more than 100 trades start to have reliable statistics)


If we take the profit in USD and in pips with the distribution, we can do some calculations.

If we take USDJPY which shows the highest activity with 149 trades and its USD gain we have 6.13$ in average gain per trade. We can make several other calculations.


But to help with the calculations Myfxbook is much better with the “Summary”.


Regarding the risks, as explained the EA protects the equity by favouring profitable trades. That’s why the Balance has a big DD, but in terms of equity we have a small DD 3.9%. The Max DD of 95.34% are for the first weeks where I did not respect the minimum capital contribution so again, it must be respected.

Deposit load

The Deposit Load, we observe that it is regular below 25% which is very good for the leverage of 1/30. With 1/500 we would be below 5%.


The Drawdown curve shows that the equity is rarely below the balance, it happens at the beginning (0.79% max negligible) the time that the trade is set up, because yes my EA take time to launch, because they will let the trade in profit continue to make profit.


For people who know how to read MFE and MAE.


In conclusion, the winning triads have set up well and are starting to make good profits. As the weeks go by, I am confident that it will continue to grow. It’s only a matter of time to have a positive profit. Growth will take longer to get into the green.

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