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For this analysis I will take the 2 tutorials, I made for this purpose. There will also be additional criteria that I did not put on the tutorials, because they are not important.

Analysis Criterion and Strategy test analysis.

I would like to emphasise that it is your responsibility to purchase the product, you will have 7 days to withdraw and be reimbursed. Gains and losses are not the author’s responsibility, all the criteria to avoid a bad decision are present, it’s up to you to be careful.

As explained in my tutorial, I will start by preparing my backtest on the Metatrader 5 software by downloading the demo.

To do my tests, I will use these parameters and I will do 3 tests over periods that seem to come back often. The trading systems will be tested over the entire market period, from 2010 to today and from 2015 to today. These time units come back regularly and I think it is good to compare certain criteria over several periods to avoid that the trading system is optimised for one period.


A colour code for the following will make it possible to differentiate these 3 periods.

You can find the 3 graphs and their 3 backtest reports below.

Opening the image in a new tab will allow you to zoom in on the image and see all the analyses that will follow.

Entire history

Colour code : #000000

2010.01.01 to 2023.01.10

Colour code : #0514FB


I saw something when I did this test, a big harsh overoptimization 2011 to make you dream!

Let’s see the other currencies?

EURUSD … 2011 same…

GBPUSD … 2011 same …


There is no Grid or Martingale, but an optimization from 2011.

What’s wrong with that? Simply that the EA is trained for this period only! it does not know how to react to other movement that it does not know it is enough to see before 2011, the backtest is bad it loses EVERY year.

Which means that for the future it is not ready…

Yes, but he has 4 signals, yes 5 to be exact in public and 7 hidden and he stuffs them as he wants and will post you his signal afterwards that EA will be updated and will fix the previous bugs (in short he adjusts his backtest every month and he has signals that have good results that are ready to be posted)

When it’s too good, be careful!

Watch the live in REAL, that means you see the signal at 20 weeks, OK bookmark it and come to see it 20 weeks later when it will be at 40 weeks you will have really followed a live!

EA is constantly updated as if it is not finished? Download the demo now and let 6 months go by and see how the author will have made lots of updates and change the backtest, you will have the old demo that kept all those flaws that the author hides…

Ask yourself this question:

Why should I buy this EA?

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