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Here you can see the signals shared by people in the community.

You can also share your signals on this page, just make the request on the discord. A. Chanel is provided for this purpose.


My signal is the set of all the AEs in my collection.
I respect a risk which is 2% which means that each EA has a risk proportional to the number of EA present on the signal. (see FAQ for more explanation)
For each EA I put a capital of 1 000$.

Contact discord: Siuko#2094

Sandis Smilts

We are using algorithms that are trading multiple currency pairs at the same time, thus, diversifying our positions. “Sumo” – well, 93 used settings across 20 different pairs, we are quite sure that it would take quite an effort to push us out of the ring.

Discord: Saldums#4153